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“How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson”, by Bruce Palmer

Harley-Davidson 45 Motor Project

    This is a “basket case” motor: not running, disassembled, and only partially complete. However, all the missing parts are “generic” to 45 motors and easily available NOS, new or used. I do not have any others, and do not expect to. It can be used directly with any & all 1937-73 transmissions and frames, both solo and Servi-Car, kick-start and electric-start. The motor requires complete rebuilding - I cannot do this work, or recommend anyone who can.
    Required work that will be needed to get the motor together includes cleaning, painting, boring, honing, fitting main bearings, tappet rebuilding, new valve guides, valve job, flywheel truing, balancing, rebuild the rod set, gaskets, etc. There are no known cracks, stripped threads or mechanical damage. You cannot just re-assemble this motor.
    The following parts are included, all are used except as noted:
  »  Crankcase match pair with original factory VIN stamp: 42WLAXXXXX, with matching
      bottom numbers
  »  Cylinder pair, common WL/WLA/G casting (120-36, 120-361), no fin damage, takes 7/16-16
      bolts, exact bore size unknown, but still several oversizes to go
  »  Top motor mount, reproduction
  »  Case studs and bolts, incomplete set
  »  Head bolts, mixed length tall hex type, only have 14
  »  Cylinder base nuts, only have 4
  »  Cam cover, needs repair to breather pipe mount area on bottom (corner piece broken off)
  »  Set of 4 cams, 1 straight pinion gear + 1 spare straight pinion gear, idler gear
      For an additional $ 110. I will supply instead of the stock intake cams a new pair of reground 25505-06R intake cams (made from used cores); click here for details: 
  »  Oil feed and return pumps
  »  Connecting rod pair
  »  Crankpin, new NOS
  »  Crankpin roller bearing set, new, std. size
  »  Crankcase right main bearing race, new +.005” O/S
  »  Flywheel pair, OD reduced by 9/16” (to 7-5/16”) for lighter weight & better acceleration, requires rebalancing.
      For an additional $ 250. I will supply instead new stroker flywheels instead; click here for details: 
  »  Main bearing and rod cages, complete set of 8
  »  4 Tappet blocks and 4 tappets, complete set (some not shown but are included)
  »  Distributor, complete less cap
  »  Manifold nuts, pair in very good condition
  »  Valve springs, set of 4 + some extra
  »  3 valve collars (1 missing) and 8 locks
  »  Valve spring cover set, rough, 8 pieces + some extra
  »  Gasket set, new complete (Gary Bang brand)
    Missing, not supplied:
  »  heads (can use any head, iron or aluminum, that uses 7/16” bolts)
  »  intake manifold (can use any 2 or 3 bolt 45 manifold 1936-73 except WLD, etc.)
  »  carburetor
  »  1 valve collar
  »  5 cylinder base nuts
  »  4 valves
  »  spiral pinion gear (I included an extra pinion gear to trade)
  »  oil lines
  »  generator & generator screws
  »  breather pipe (in cam cover)
  »  motor sprocket
  »  head bolt washers
  »  some case studs and miscellaneous other fasteners, studs, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.
    Examine the photographs carefully, they are exactly what you're getting. The hot cams shown are only included if requested at extra cost. Parts not shown are not included (except tappets and blocks as mentioned).

    Price: $ 675.00

. The motor must be picked up in person in Hempstead (Long Island) by appointment only. Click here to E-mail for an appointment, and I'll give you directions. No checks, no money orders. No, I don't want anything in trade. To place a non-refundable deposit of $ 50. to hold the motor for 30 days (balance due in 30 days, motor can be picked up later), click here: . PayPal payments: add 3% to the total and pay “sales@victorylibrary.com”.
    No title or notarized bill of sale is included; the invoice will only list “used motor”. This motor is not returnable.
    I also have used crankcases for sale, click here for details: .
    Do not send payment without advising me in advance. Payments made without discussion will be refunded.

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