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     I’m Jeffrey Diamond, author of the




IBRARY books, and


ICTORY & panic Tech Papers. I’ve been writing technical literature on Harley-Davidson motorcycles for over 25 years, Chrysler literature began more recently. I have seven booklets in print at the moment on these two subjects, with several others in various stages of completion. My personal experience in these fields goes back to the 1960s. My articles have appeared in “Car & Driver”, “Easyriders”, “Mopar Action,” and various smaller newsletters since 1978.
     I’m entirely self-taught, and have no professional engineering or technical training.
     My object is to add to, and expand beyond, previous works on these subjects, not to contradict or repeat the same information. The material offered is believed to be accurate and reliable, and is honestly presented to assist you in obtaining the best results from your project.

     Some commentary is based on sound research and experience, or application of known principles; other information is based on conjecture, hypothesis and supposition, and will be prefaced by qualifying words such as “may” and “if”.
     The level of satisfaction that you will achieve is largely a function of the amount of time and effort that you are willing to devote to your project. However, in the same way that I cannot take credit for your success, I also cannot be held responsible for any failures or unanticipated results. Despite my best efforts, this information may contain inadvertent typographical errors and inaccurate data. You must use your own good judgment in these matters, keeping in mind that gasoline is highly flammable, and that vehicles can be hazardous to operate.
     I’m unfortunately not available to assist directly in the planning or construction of your project. However, I do appreciate comments as to whether the material I supplied was helpful, and how it may be improved.
     Your personal experiences may prove useful to other enthusiasts, and will be included and credited in the next revision (with your permission, of course).
     Please read this legal notice about my on-line articles, and booklets for sale .

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