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    The Amal Model “TT” high performance carburetor is the descendant of the “RN” (= “remote needle”) model carburetor, and the ancestor of the famous “GP ” model carburetor.
    Below is some original Amal data, click on each thumbnail for a full-size copy on a separate page.

Amal “TT-9” Carburetor Body Sizes & Data Amal “TT-9” Carburetor Body Diagram Amal “TT” Carburetor 302 Float Bowl Diagram Amal “TT” Carburetor Parts List Amal “TT” Carburetor Tuning, Page 1 Amal “TT” Carburetor Tuning, Page 2 Amal “TT” Carburetor Tuning, Page 3
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