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How to Fabricate and Install a Screen Baffle in Your Oil Pan
by “Art - SPOLDS” from RealOldsPower.com

    The following is a windage screen that I made for my W-31 last night. I promised a bunch of ROP members I would post when I made it so here it is.
    This is only intended for street and mild street & strip cars. If you are in need of serious horsepower then your probably better off purchasing a pan designed for your specific application. This screen is much better than a Mondello type solid tray. If you already have a Solid Mondello tray you can use is as a template to bend your screen. I did this with this very screen since so many of you guys have the Mondello tray already.
    This tray works very well on my SB Olds circle track car and have used it in boats and strip cars as well. I have made variations of this setup as well with trap door baffles to keep the oil around the pickup during deceleration. This does require welding and will mess up the gold iridite finish on a new pan.
    Please use this as a guide only! If you have any questions just ask, but you must assume responsibility if you attempt to make a screen and screw it up. I made this screen in about 2 hours from start to finish and although I used many specialty tools that made the job easier it can be made with the tools that most have at home already.

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