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    Do not use this form to order cams, go to the "Cam Notes" Page: Cam Notes Page.
    ALL orders will be sent by US Postal Service ONLY. PRINT your NAME & ADDRESS clearly below. Where practical (on small packages), Air Parcel Post will be used to save you money. Large, heavy items may not be mailable (see comment "+F" below).
    To order, PRINT THIS PAGE

. This is not an on-line form. You MUST make FULL payment WITH THIS ORDER by postal or bank money order, payable in US Dollars as follows: "KNS Cycle". ANY OTHER ENDORSEMENT WILL BE RETURNED. NO checks, please. If you have not included sufficient payment, an item will be deducted from your order. Use quantity desired, part number, complete description of the product (including oversize, etc.) price each, and total price. Indicate how much money you have enclosed; U.S. dollars ONLY.

    KNS Cycle can now accept your foreign credit card for payment with PayPal - it's FAST, FREE and SECURE! To order, total your items and postage, click the logo (right), and send payment to:, with a brief note listing the details. Due to the high fee that PayPal charges the merchant, please add a 4% service charge to all PayPal orders. Please add this amount to your total including postage. If not sure, e-mail for instructions. This is still less expensive & more convenient than your bank.

MAIL this page to:

KNS Cycle
174 Lake Drive 
Copiague, NY 


Confirm shipment by E-mail? __ Yes  My E-mail address: 


Part No.

Description, Motor Type, Oversize, etc.




      "+F" means customer pays the Total Amount: the actual postage charges, rather than the flat-rate; send $50.00 to be sure (the excess will be refunded).
      Why? Because we won't know the exact postage until the box is completely packed, made, closed and weighed at the Post Office. We want to avoid making the trip twice just to give you an exact postage quote. The extra money is to allow the heaviest the box is likely to be - you get a refund back if it weighs less.
      We pay ALL the Handling and Insurance.

Total Amount: 


US Parcel Post: 20% of Total Amount, 
MINIMUM of $ 30.00 


Previous Credit (credit slip or xerox enclosed): 


Grand Total Enclosed, Payable to "KNS Cycle":