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    These are brand-new and used (as described) Chrysler or other famous name manufactured parts. This is stuff I bought for myself, but don’t need, or took off the car. Check around - the price for the new stuff is lower than the big suppliers.(Sorry, I only have what you see here; if it’s not listed, I can’t help you!)

Manufacturer & Description

Part #


Chevrolet, G.M.C. & Buick Speed Manual”: Reprint of original 1954 edition. How to hot rod Chevrolet inline six-cylinder 216 and 235 cid engines, plus GMC 228, 248, 256, 270 and 302 cid engines, and the Buick straight-eight 248 and 320 cid engines. Includes 125 black & white construction drawings, photos, and easy-to-read and understand technical data. 128 pages.
    This is my own slightly used copy, no damage - just fingerprints! PayPal purchases: click a link to buy it

Chevrolet, G.M.C. & Buick Speed Manual, by California Bill
directly from me. U. S.: Chevrolet, G.M.C. & Buick Speed Manual, by California Bill. Canada: Chevrolet, G.M.C. & Buick Speed Manual, by California Bill. All other foreign countries: Chevrolet, G.M.C. & Buick Speed Manual, by California Bill.

Dodge Hemi Heads
    This is an old set from a 241” (1953-54) motor, and are rusty, valves are stuck in the guides, etc. but has no known damage, stripped threads, cracks, etc. These heads fit the 241” Dodge hemi motors and possibly the later 270, 315 & 325” Dodge hemi motors. Head are as shown - no rockers, etc. These heads can be used to convert the 1955-56 241 & 259” DeSoto, Dodge, or Plymouth "poly" (polyspheric) type motors to hemi (you'll also need rocker arms, stands, pushrods, pistons and other small parts but your intake manifold, distributor etc. are OK). They may also fit the 1956-58 270, 315 & 325" DeSoto or Dodge poly motors. Casting number is 1328362-2.
    These heads will not fit and cannot be adapted to any other Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge or Plymouth poly or hemi motors, not the B, RB, LA, 318, etc. I don't have any other hemi parts. These heads MUST be picked up in Hempstead Long Island, NY. No, I will not deliver or crate. Please: no questions about condition, etc.; read the information above, that's all I know. Price: $ 100.00 as-is, where is. Click any picture for a larger view, the last one shows part of the casting number.

Aluminum Cylinder, brand-new surplus, heavy wall spun aluminum, safe for air, oil or water to 150 lbs. pressure, female SAE-10 fitting on top, volume is 1.2 gal. (277 cubic inches or 4542cc), great start for a dry-sump oil tank, radiator

Aluminum Cylinder

overflow, catch-can, on-board air pressure supply, etc. Howz about as a plenum for that do-it-yourself turbo or EFI conversion? Weight 5 lbs., 5” OD by 19” tall. Click on the image for a larger view.

$ 25.

Cam Key, Offset, for all small block motors (273, 318, 340, 360) and 3.9L V6, advance or retard your cam for best performance, Why buy the whole set? Specify which one you need: 1°, 3°, 4°, or 5°, each SOLD


$ 7.

Remote Filter/Cooler Adapter, fits between your oil filter and filter mount (on block), 1/2”-NPT female threads for remote lines for dual filters, cooler, etc. (not Accusump!). Brand-new Trans-Dapt, fits Buick, Pontiac, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, etc. with 13/16”-16 thread


$ 19.

Remote Oil Line, great for hooking up that remote oil cooler, adapter, Accusump, etc. Finest quality brand-new internal wire braid re-inforced hydraulic hose (tested safe to 2000 lbs.), black rubber exterior, male pipe thread fittings already permanently attached. Much cheaper than Earl’s Supply, Russell, etc. but stronger than regular hose; each 3/8” ID, 36” long; male 3/8”-NPT, fittings installed at both ends


$ 9.

Remote Oil Line, as above except size; each; 3/8” ID, 48” long, male 3/8”-NPT ftgs.


$ 10.

Remote Oil Line, as above except size; each; 1/2” ID, 48” long, male 1/2”-NPT ftgs.


$ 11.

Remote Oil Line, as above except size; each; 1/2” ID, 60” long, male 1/2”-NPT ftgs.


$ 12.

Remote Oil Line Swivel Fitting, brand-new for above hoses (or any pipe threaded part), allows the hose to be rotated before tightening, makes installation or removal much easier, ends are in-line, each; 3/8”-NPT female threads


$ 3.

Remote Oil Line Swivel Fitting, as above except ends are 90 degree angled, each; 3/8”-NPT female threads


$ 4.

Remote Oil Line Swivel Fitting, as above, ends are in-line, each; 1/2”-NPT female threads


$ 3.

Remote Oil Line Swivel Fitting, as above, ends are in-line, each; 1 end male 3/8”-NPT, 1 end female 1/2”-NPT


$ 3.

Remote Oil Line Swivel Fitting, as above except ends are 90 degree angled; 1/2”-NPT female threads


$ 5.

“Aeroquip” Remote Oil Line Quick-Disconnect Fitting, stainless steel, brand-new, works like air coupler (pull back sleeve to separate), no wrenches needed, excellent quality but bulky; 1/2”-NPT female threads


$ 15.

Adel clamp, rubber-cushioned, brand-new, to attach remote oil lines to fender, bracket, etc., for (approximately) 3/8” ID hose; 3/4” ID; pair


50 ¢

Adel clamp, rubber-cushioned, to attach remote oil lines to fender, bracket, etc., for (approximately) 1/2” ID hose, 7/8” ID; pair


50 ¢

Year One” catalog (not current) for Firebird restoration, over 250 pages of hard-to-find products & tech tips, including trim, interior, mechanical, fuel, brakes, etc. (reg. price $ 5.)



Motor Oil; specify which brand & weight: Castrol GTX 10W40, Kendall Heavy-Duty 40-wt., Penzoil Multi-Vis 10W40, Quaker State Deluxe Performance 20W50, Citgo Supergard 30 wt.; (give 2nd & 3rd choice if we’re out of your favorite), quart, each


$ 1.

Wynn’s “Engine Tune-Up”; oil additive, quiets noisy automotive hyd. lifters


$ 1.

Marvel Mystery Oil; top-end lube, add to gas for cooler running, 1 quart


$ 3.

Battery Charger; charges up to 10 NiCad batteries at one time (AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt), brand-new in box


$ 12.

AM Radio, originally 1974 Dart Sport (probably fits other models), clean, in good working condition when removed, complete with knobs and support bracket, dash opening has separator bar between nose and buttons


$ 35.

Rocker Arm Adjusting Nuts, Mr. Gasket Sure-Lock for Pontiac, Chevy, Ford 6 & 8 cyl. with 3/8” studs; self-locking - stays adjusted! set of 14 (sorry, lost 2, but look at the price)


$ 5.

Mopar 8-1/4” 2.93 ring & pinion, from 1974 Dart, used


$ 20.

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