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Chrysler Poly Performance
“Chrysler Poly Performance”

by Jeffrey Diamond

“Chrysler” name for reference purposes only.
Not affiliated with Daimler/Chrysler

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    This is





IBRARY’s comprehensive illustrated booklet on obtaining the best speed & performance from your 1955-66 Plymouth, 1955-58 Chrysler, 1955-58 DeSoto, or 1955-66 Dodge “poly” wide-block motor. Your “obsolete” poly is capable of surprising speed & power, without loss of reliability. It’s the most complete literature you can buy to get the most from your poly motor. Before making any decisions about modifying (or even rebuilding) your motor, get the best help available, and do it right the first time.
    This book is not a re-print of the firing order, options, number of cylinders, serial numbers, casting numbers, rated power, compression ratio, etc. It contains only information that is useful and relevant (no pictures of chrome accessories). My purpose is explore, explain and detail modification, fine tuning, improvements and modernization.


    Use it with your service manual for best results. Not an expert mechanic? You’ll still find many improvements you can do yourself with common hand tools.
    I guarantee that you’ll find information in this booklet you’ve never seen before, and which will help you plan and complete your project.
    Consider this: if this booklet saves you from making even a single mistake or bad purchase, or gives you one new idea, doesn’t that make this purchase worth while? The price is a very small fraction of what you’ll invest in the motor - plan it more intelligently, and get better results.





IBRARY and the








APERS have been a source of performance literature since 1971. Click here for a brief bio on the author: Author of . The advice and suggestions are not reprinted from other articles, magazines, or factory literature and is not available anywhere else, (although some of the data is generally available). Contents are 64 pages (over 40,000 words) stapled in paperback to save you printing costs, includes the following subjects, with over 60 black & white illustrations & diagrams, 42 data tables and a sample project worksheet:

The Origin of the “Poly” Motor

; beginning with Chrysler hemi motor development & description.
DeSoto and Dodge Hemis

; how they differ from the original Chrysler hemi motors.
Low Deck? Raised Deck?

; explores the two types, and reasons for use.
Poly Motor Development and Description

; what changes were made to the hemi motor, appearance, comparisons and interchanges.
The Poly “A” Series Motor

(277, 301, 303, 318, 326); how it differs from the Chrysler (301, 331, 354) and Dodge & DeSoto (241, 259, 270, 315, 325) poly types, comparison with the more modern “LA” motors (273, 318, 340, 360).
Poly Valve Train

; how the parts function, comparison with both hemi and wedge motors.
Poly Heads

; design, port shapes and sizes, valves, dimensions, flaws.
Poly Speed Equipment

; factory options, aftermarket parts, alternate carburetor choices for older manifolds, cam selection ideas.

; what you can do yourself, including:
 »   Planning a stroker crankshaft
 »   Alternate connecting rod choices
 »   Improved piston design
 »   Calculating compression distance and ratio
 »   Up-grading the ignition and tuning the advance curve
 »   Choosing and installing big valves
 »   Adapting a high-performance intake manifold from another motor
 »   Modifying the heads for better breathing and quench
 »   Improving the original intake and exhaust manifolds
 »   Making or adapting headers
 »   Selecting a new or re-ground high-performance cam
 »   Correcting rocker arm geometry
 »   Improving your oil system
Hemi Conversion

; which poly motors can be converted to hemi using factory parts, and why.
Super Poly Motor

; some detailed ideas on constructing a 462” poly motor.
Data Tables

; showing all three motor families, bore, stroke, deck height, rod length, valve sizes, valve springs, crankshaft specs, bore centers, piston specs.
Poly Sources

; listing suppliers of parts & services, etc. both mail and internet.
TRW Part Numbers

; lists many potentially useful obsolete numbers and applications.
Work Sheet sample

; to help you keep records and plan changes to your motor.
    Please note: this is not a coffee table book, it is intended to be a research tool for those who seriously want to improve their poly motors. It is not a repair manual. If your car won’t start, spark plugs foul, low oil pressure &c. my booklet will not help you. It does not contain information on tune-ups, or explain how to remove, disassemble, clean or restore the engine. If you do not already have this information do not buy this booklet. If your engine is stock and you’re pleased with how it runs now, this booklet is not going to be of much use, although you might find it interesting.

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