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Johnny Routledge’s 45

Motor has squish set to 35 thou, heads shaved to #6 spec, valves backcut, valve seats reduced, relieved cylinders, WLDR cams, 32mm Amal Mk1. Polished and profiled manifold, nipples and ports

Per Unnerfors’s
45 Magnum

Scott Mckenzie’s
47WR-style racer

Ron’s BSA A10 Custom

1962 Super Rocket

Jan's 1946


1938 U

Flathead Power
86" Road Racer, Photo by Anders Mahlstedt, Motorphoto ©1998 Motorphoto

Sport Scout 45"

Gene Baron, Babylon, NY

1940 WLA 45"

Paul Kosma, Walls, MS

1932 DAH 45"

OHV Hillclimb Special (left side)

1932 DAH 45"

OHV Hillclimb Special (right side, view #1)

1932 DAH 45"

OHV Hillclimb Special (right side, view #2)

1944 U 80"

Kurt Spencer, Reno NV, UH aluminum heads,  Paughco +3" springer, classic 70's style front mini-disc

WL 45"

Hand-made miniature tank decal! Krès Dubbin, New South Wales

1942 Sport Scout Bonneville 45",

Al Perry
(prev. owner Jeff Diamond of Victory)

WR 45"

AHRMA Road Racer, Note Brit front brake! Al Perry

1928 JD 74"

OHV Hillclimb Special

1936 VLH 80"

Steve Slocombe

1942 WLA 45"

Battle of Vintage Twins Road Racer
Yesteryear Motorcycles, New South Wales

1942 WLA

Detail #1: note 38mm Mikuni , BSA Gold Star frame, Suzuki forks, breather hoses, oil cooler

WR 45"

Road racer

1942 WLA

Detail #2: steering damper; magneto, U-Series valve spring covers, full fairing (allows 120+ mph)

1942 WLA

Detail #3: 4-speed Norton Commando trans, 2-1 header, cut-off cam cover

WR 45"

Flat track

45 Magnum

Crazy Eddie

45 Magnum

Complete bike Crazy Eddie

45 G

PiPPi's Servi-Car

1937 U

1936 V frame, 45 WL tanks, KR front wheel, XL rear wheel, weight 385 lbs. Mike Lewis of Lawton, OK

1937 U

Tom's 1937 WLD

See these Victory Library booklets

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