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Mopar Action Tech Special
Mopar Action

7-Issue Tech Reference Library on CD
Includes engine, transmission, axle, brakes, suspension

"Chrysler" name for reference purposes only.
Not affiliated with Daimler/Chrysler

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    Wow, a virtual Mopar cornucopia! Don't miss out!
    NEW "Mopar Action Tech Special" CD
    588 pages on one CD! Searchable!
    You asked for it: All 7 issues of

Mopar Action

's famous Tech Specials - every word, every photo, even every advertisement - crammed onto one searchable CD! If you have a 1960's-'70s Plymouth, Dodge, or Chrysler, and you twist a few wrenches, YOU NEED THIS!
    Loaded with tech, tech, and more tech: Engines, transmissions, rear axles, brakes, suspension, cooling, exhaust, etc.


    If you're a Mopar newbie, here's your primer - your brain will suck up the info. But even lifelong Mopar addicts will find tons of useful tips and tricks, and the famous Mopar Action Magazine "lowbuck approach" - bang for the buck! Cheapo disc brake swaps, tranny beef-ups (AT and MT), junkyard overdrive swap, factory parts guides, econo stroker buildups, etc. - a real treasure trove!
    Super easy to use: print out the pages, view full size, or view thumbnails. Or just browse as you would a "real" magazine. No installation required - just shove it in, runs on any computer with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. (PC only...not for Macs!) No internet connection required!
    Out of print for 20 years, each issue typically sells for $20-30 each - when you can find them. You get all 7 issues - that's 588 pages, 52 hardcore tech articles, plus 41 features - on one CD Rom for a dirt-cheap price! Click the picture for a larger view.
    I guarantee that you’ll find information on this CD you’ve never seen before, and which will help you plan and complete your project.
    Consider this: if this CD saves you from making even a single mistake or bad purchase, or gives you one new idea, doesn’t that make this purchase worth while? The price is a very small fraction of what you’ll invest in your Chrysler project - plan it more intelligently, and get better results.

   Sorry, out of stock. Try again May 1st? Thanks.

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